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Nature Infused Imagery

Birds as Pets

Posted by on Jan 13, 2020 in Bird Brains

cat stalking

When nature developed a diversity of house hold pets, it made its own guidelines for hunters. Troubles arise only when the most smart and cunning elements of nature or human beings put their opinions in the working ways of the long lasting natural procedures. Even though it may sound odd, our friends at E&J Appliance Service Company have seen many birds get attacked by other pets like dogs or cats. Being similar to these, it is easy to see how they have seen these things on a regular basis.

Cats or Dogs – Which Eat More Birds?

One of the similar and possibly bad scenarios develops when you choose to keep multiple and totally different types of pets together. Not always the best idea because birds such as parrots are purchased usually not to live with pet dogs and cats since they may eat the bird. You might have utilized all the pet raising tips and tricks to try and turn your furry housemates to be gentle in nature, but the mere sight of prey could turn them into stealthy and effective hunters of you new bird. And this is to a very real and possible extent that they could end up killing and eating your sweet, new and lovely pet bird. It is extremely likely that you might have viewed cartoon movies in your younger days about this. The one most people know and loved was in that cartoon where Sylvester always coveted and attacked  Tweety Bird. Though he could never ever achieve his evil and hungry intents, the reality in your home could be completely opposite Sylvester’s.

At the very first instance when your animal,  and it is most probably the felines,  would come up and want the juicy flesh of the new bird that might satisfy their full or empty tummy. But, how do you tell or even notice such ideas in your pets instincts? Well, you could see if the home conditions such as the attention of your animal is definitely stuck on the bird’s cage. The mouth of the cat can be open or could be closed but their eyes are focused clearly on the bird.  You can tell if their ears are erect and the tail too would usually be quite stiff. When your family friend and forever cat tends to focus rather excessively on your beautiful new family pet bird, it suggests you need a lot of caution to be exercised.

The cats predatory actions could easily happen practically in a wink of an eye it seems. However you must realize the cats the prior actions are profoundly determined and calculated because it is in their nature to do this. These are definitely warning signals for you you to easily see prior to the pets attack plans. Even if you have connected your dog securely to something with a rope or leash, it will definitely try hard to break loose by pulling its leash or barking continually. Feline friends are obviously not kept leashed or caged and hence they have the easy and better opportunities of attacking your family birds.

Training Pets To Leave Birds Alone Is Easy

If you find any such condition among the furry and feather friends in your home , you can help train your predatory pets with skillful directions and encouragements. The existing pets might likewise be provided bits of treats as rewards to know that being in a friendly state of mind regarding the new arrivals is much more rewarding than attempting to attack the new and feeble birds with little defenses. You could probably elicit the advice of an animal behavior specialist if you are completely unable to control the frictions between your furry and new winged pets. The expert pet care might offer you the precise assistance toy need to come upon how you might turn their ongoing brawl to more of a friendly state of being together in the house long term.

If you have many existing dogs or cats as pets in your home it is a good idea prior to bringing a new bird in to their perceived territory. You might try to offer your existing pets some new and really interesting and good smelling toys in the shape of birds and observe how they respond to them. It is not often surprising that the existing pets might turn aggressive on the new toys.Now you have a much better idea it the existing pets will attack the new birds. You could now use this as a training opportunity to show them you don’t approve of them attacking the toys and this may help keep them from attacking the new bird.

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Bird Feeding and Watching In Arizona

Posted by on Apr 29, 2019 in Bird Brains

Bird watching in Chandler AZ

According to the Arizona Wildlife Services, there are millions of people that feed wild birds for a range of reasons. Some put bird feeders in their backyards or hang them from trees etc, and put them on fences and in gardens or patios. The Arizona Fish and Wildlife Service estimate in the spring there are billions of wild birds in the United States and in the fall roughly 15 billion wild birds. Our good friends who have a Chandler towing service at are avid birders and have many beautiful pictures of the local birds in Chandler AZ. Even though Chandler is in the Arizona desert many species are found there.

Feeding Birds For Better Health in Arizona

Of those that feed birds, more than a billion a year is invested on bird food by yard enthusiasts. They likewise spend millions a year on devices for birds such as birdhouses, bird baths, bird feeders, and other birding devices. There are various kinds of feeders in relation to the types of birds you are attempting to bring in and the area of the country you lie in. For example, heaven Jay can be discovered in practically every state in the nation depending upon the time of year. Blue Jays like a range of feeders and a range of bird food.

The types of bird feeders Blue Jays and many other common birds prefer vary in sizes and types. There are also all types of bird seeds and bird foods offered on the market today. Many animal and bird feed shops that likewise sell birds see will be able to help you with the types of food and best feeders for the birds in your area of the county. Bird feeders can also be a great way to draw in different birds to your yard, however another reliable way is to offer wild birds with different sources of water. Set up the right type, and you can attract birds to your lawn and yard all year.

Desert Birds in Arizona Need Water

Birds are often easily brought in to moving water. Although larger bird baths with electric pumps and with fountains are great ways to attract many birds with moving and clean water, these things are normally not essential if you change the water of easy typically enough. Small, battery ran pumps can do the task and are economical. If you would choose not to need to change the batteries, more elaborate electric and even solar alternatives can likewise be acquired.

Metal ones are also a fantastic choice but must be brought indoors in chillier winter months when particles and even the birds’ feet can freeze to the surface area of the bird bath. Bird baths of this depth will prevent the birds from perhaps drowning. The texture of these natural items will also motivate birds to grab on to them with their feet.

Do not leave them so close to trees, leaves and bird feeders that debris is continuously falling into the water. The birdbath positioning should also discourage predators, such as raccoons and felines, from catching the birds.

The Fish and Wildlife Service quote in the spring there are roughly 10 billion wild birds in the United States and in the fall roughly 15 billion wild birds. They also invest millions a year on accessories for birds such as birdhouses, bird baths, bird feeders, and other birding accessories.

There are all types of bird seed and bird food readily available on the market today. Most feed shops that likewise offer bird see will be able to assist you with the types of food and feeders for the birds in your region of the county. Bird feeders can be a terrific method to attract birds to your lawn, but another efficient method is to supply birds with a source of water.

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Top Myths About Birds Revolving Around For Decades

Posted by on Nov 27, 2018 in Bird Brains

  1. If you feed birds, they will not migrate and will certainly be captured in the cold winter months.

Birds realize when to move based upon sunlight, weather conditions and their all-natural instincts, that create the urge to migrate. It doesn’t matter just how much food is available to them in the bird feeders or wherever when it’s time for them to go, they go. Migrating birds do need to eat too, specifically during movement. Our avid birder and local handyman has a number of methods he uses to feed migrating birds while not letting them stay. The more you keep your feeders well stocked, you will certainly obtain a bigger range of birds at your feeders during migration. These tips have proven to be worth a lot.

  1. Birds will starve if you stop feeding them in the wintertime, so once you start, you can’t stop.

It is best to keep your bird feeders well equipped in the winter season for the hungry birds. You’ll want to consider your backyard and, or your garden as a location for food, so they will hang around all year. Birds in the yard are very useful as well, as aren’t just beautiful things to take a look at. They consume a great deal of pests and larvae that would be consuming your garden, so attracting birds to your yard year around is a good thing. If you suddenly needed to go away, though, they are capable of finding food somewhere else. They can go far and wide in the search for food. It may require them to function more than usual and winter can be quite a challenge, nonetheless they will discover something to eat. However, if you are certainly aware that you will be away, it is better to schedule a neighbor to replenish your feeders for you. If not, then you might be shocked to come back see them gone. It may take a lot of patience to entice them back to your yard again.

  1. Feeding the birds is actually good (or bad) for the birds.

Feeding them is equally good for them, due to the fact that they get a far better variety of food at the bird feeders than they would generally get during the winter months. Moreover, it is easily obtainable for them. It’s not “poor” for the birds because birds eat what they like. That’s a really excellent reason to use good bird seed mixes in your bird feeders.

  1. The bags of mixed seed discovered at the supermarket are bad for the birds.

Really, it is hard on your pockets and not the birds, due to the fact that the birds will certainly just toss out the seeds they won’t eat. Bags of cheap bird seed, whether it’s from the food store or otherwise, generally has so much filler seed in it that the birds will not touch, or it has red Milo, wheat and also various other points in they do not eat as well as it will certainly have none of the excellent things like, millet, black-oil sunflower seeds, busted peanuts, safflower or sunflower hearts. So, it’s a waste of money. Even the grocery stores are beginning to bring greater top-quality birdseed, with extremely good mixes of seed, fruit and also nuts that appeal to several kinds of birds. Purchasing bird food at feed/hardware stores or specialty bird stores is normally best, however high-quality mixes can be found other locations too.

  1. Blackbirds and also squirrels will not eat safflower seed.

Many individuals that feed birds will make use of great deals of safflower seed in their mix, thinking that it discourages the squirrels as well as blackbirds from feeding at their feeders. It doesn’t seem to be real any longer if that was ever real before. Many people report that any kind of bird (consisting of blackbirds) or animal (including squirrels) that will eat sunflower seed, will eat it nonetheless.

  1. Just one variety of hummingbird is located eastern of the Rocky Hills.

I’m unsure of where this myth originated from or if it were ever true, however it definitely isn’t real currently. There is a variety of lovely hummers at hummingbird feeders around the east, north as well as south.

  1. Birds will not eat milo.

I have actually always considered milo to be one of the filler seed in the affordable bags of bird food, but I have actually recently found out that in the southwest it is a preferred by doves and quail as well as some other birds. So, whether this misconception holds true or otherwise depends upon where you live.

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Saturday Bird Pics For Weekend Joy

Posted by on Nov 3, 2018 in Bird Brains

OK, so the weekend is here and it is time for some new bird photography to brighten the day. These are some spectacular examples of the bird family with vibrant colors and plumage not found everyday in all areas. As we know, many tropical birds are some of the most beautiful, but that is not always the case. There are species in the north and south latitudes that are equally spectacular! For instance, take a look at this wonder:


Unusual Colors Hummingbird


Hummingbirds Are Some Of The Most Vibrant

As you can clearly see this little guy is small in size but packs a large impact of beauty and grace. The great thing about hummingbirds is they are found all over the world. But, don’t be fooled by their size, they are some fierce little creatures. If they weighed a lot more they would be just plain dangerous. Watch them sometime, they are fierce defenders of the territory they live in and will fill hard to keep others away. They can be mean little guys toward other birds. kingfisher

Finding beauty in the creation is a good thing to do on a daily basis. Just because we may live in a big city does not mean there are no things to observe and enjoy. Even on our way to work we have the chance to see something beautiful everyday. It may be small and go unnoticed and let me look for it. But even in a city there is life all around us that is worth taking the time to watch. Maybe we only get to see pigeons and sparrows regularly, but even they have character and Pizzazz if we take the time to take a look. Being busy is a fact of life nowadays but, we still have a choice to look and see what’s around us. Some of my favorite birds are local to where I live because I’ve taken the time to watch them and see what their habits are. They each have personalities if we take the time to look long enough.

Trees and Flowers For Our Joy

But, it’s not just the animals in the birds that we have a chance to enjoy on a daily basis. There is so much Beauty and just looking at the local flowers and trees that are planted near us or growing wild in our particular area. These are definitely there for our enjoyment as well as our health and well-being. It doesn’t take much of our efforts to enjoy them if we only just take the time to do so.

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Flowers That Bring Peace and Joy

Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Bird Brains

The Beauty of Flowers in Our Lives

purple flower petalsBeautiful flowers will make life much more enjoyable and your days brighter and fresher. The same can be said for all the types of plants that you can plant on your patio or around your house including gardens and vegetables. These are nature’s artwork intended to give us joy and peace and inner harmony. They are a gift from God to make life enjoyable. When He plants a garden He uses many colors and things are extremely beautiful. He is the master architect in creating beauty that has been designed specifically for our happiness. All the different flowers and colors harmonized together in a pallet of beauty beyond the wildest imagination of the best architects in the world.

When you step out on your patio among all the green and beautiful plants you’re immediately at peace as it was intended. So how can you best make use of this beauty and enhance your life on a daily basis. All of the different colored petals and flowers are like individual therapy sessions if we allow them to do what they were designed to do. Don’t stop and not smell the flowers. That is why they are there. The beautiful fragrances and appearances of them are a definite design.

It is possible to have beauty even if all you own is a small terrace or patio. You can easily plant all kinds of varieties of plants and vegetables in pots and containers and have a wonderful thriving garden next to your door or window. All you need is sunshine, soil and water. One of the things it’s very easy to grow are tomatoes. They’re not difficult, they’re not expensive and they are readily available. You need to make sure that you’re the first one there when they ripen and turn the beautiful reds and oranges that the healthy tomato will become. The birds take notice of this and will be there in a heartbeat as soon as they are ready to eat. We have lost many crops of tomatoes to these pests who are often faster than we are. So as soon as those first plump red tomatoes start to appear you may want to take precautions to keep the birds away.


Some Easy Plants To Grow:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Roses
  • Daffodils
  • Herbs
  • Most Flowers

All of the materials needed are not expensive. Pots can be found at garage sales and on sale at the local grocery store. Dirt is readily available and good soil can be bought to augment the dirt that you may find in a field nearby. If you’re on a budget you can still enjoy the beautiful flowers and vegetables that can be grown in the pots. It’s important to make sure that the container or the pot is of the right size. Bigger is typically better because it gives more room for roots to explore and grow and send out fine filaments. This will create a more healthy flower or plant as well as better tasting and plumper vegetables.flower pictures

You can even go completely organic with your soils and fertilizers and enjoy extremely healthy vegetables that rival anything you could buy at the local Health Market. You will know exactly what has gone into your plants, flowers and vegetables because you are the one that fertilized them and did it. When it comes to using fertilizers make sure you get those order of high nitrogen content. That is really the basic fertilizer needed for most plants. When it rains the falling water drops absorb nitrogen from the air and that is why rain water is so good for your plants. As a matter of fact, if it’s raining or drizzling it’s a good idea to put your plants out where they can absorb this water as it falls. It’s the best water available for your plants.

To have beautiful flowers. You don’t want to over water or underwater because that can damage the plant. It’s pretty obvious when it starts to happen, the tips of the leaves will turn brown if there’s too little water and the whole plant may start to yellow if there’s too much water. So don’t be afraid to stick your fingers into the dirt to see it what the moisture content really is. You will know fairly quickly and easily if it’s dry, damp or wet. If it’s dry then add water if it’s damp maybe let it go a day or so if it’s wet you need to let it dry out because you might cause root rot. Most plants are not designed to exist in a sludgy mess of mud. They need oxygen to survive and they will not thrive if their roots are completely surrounded by water as they are not designed to exist in that type of an environment.

Keep Them Happy and Healthy – And You Also

simple daisy photoBack to the topic of fertilizers: as your plants mature and as your vegetables write them you may need to reduce fertilizers that I have high nitrogen content. For instance when a tomato plant starts to flower it might be better to use high phosphorus and high potassium fertilizers versus high nitrogen fertilizers. So keep an eye on your plants and enjoy the ride because it is beautiful to watch them grow and thrive.

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Don’t Kiss Birds!

Posted by on Oct 13, 2018 in Bird Brains

Bird on LogBirds are some of the most spectacular creatures on the face of the Earth. We love to see them sore in the Heights and watching a bird such as an eagle take a fish from a lake is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But, beware pet birds can make you sick if you did not know that. What you ask, how can my pet bird make me sick? Well, let me tell you.

Bird Diseases to Avoid

Blue BirdThere is actually a disease called pit psittacosis. So if you are one of those fortunate people to have a pet parrot it is a good thing to know that you can actually get pretty sick from him. If you have a parrot and you start to have a headache, chills, fever and you think you’re getting malaria, think again. This is a common ailment that is passed on from birds to humans. Parrots are not the only ones that can transmit this disease, pigeons in common poultry can do the same. But, to be truthful getting it from a hen is not very common but it does happen. The typical symptoms are muscle ache, back and neck pain, and just a general stiffness that is very painful. Doctors may even miss diagnose it at times as meningitis which is obviously much more serious. Sometimes people will feel very tired and depressed and they have a real hard time sleeping when they are infected with this. So give the doctor a break the symptoms are similar to many other ailments out there. So if you have these type symptoms and you’re at the doctor be sure to let him know that you own poultry, pigeons etc.

Bird Disease Treatments

3 Happy BirdsSo after you handle any kind of poultry or bird it’s a great idea to wash your hands well before you sit down to eat any kind of a meal or put anything into your mouth. Typically this disease presents itself in 1 to 2 weeks after you’re exposed to the bird who is carrying it. Usually people will get a mild ailment resembling a common flu and it will pass fairly quickly. But sometimes it can be more serious. Why take a chance? Doctors can take a urine sample and look for a specific protein and identify the disease that way. If they see that it may be advisable to do a blood culture and see if there is any bacteria that is a marker for this disease. If you get a serious case of this the most common antibiotic used for it is tetracycline.

What To Do After a Bird Disease

But the best thing to do is try to avoid getting it in the first place. Who wants to take antibiotics and mess up their gut health because they were in contact with a mere bird? The best course is to just not acquire the disease in the first place by taking some simple precautions like washing your hands after handling your pet parrot or taking care of the hens in The Hen house. Don’t be a chicken, make sure to take these precautions and avoid this ugly disease.

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