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Nature Infused Imagery

Flowers That Bring Peace and Joy

The Beauty of Flowers in Our Lives

purple flower petalsBeautiful flowers will make life much more enjoyable and your days brighter and fresher. The same can be said for all the types of plants that you can plant on your patio or around your house including gardens and vegetables. These are nature’s artwork intended to give us joy and peace and inner harmony. They are a gift from God to make life enjoyable. When He plants a garden He uses many colors and things are extremely beautiful. He is the master architect in creating beauty that has been designed specifically for our happiness. All the different flowers and colors harmonized together in a pallet of beauty beyond the wildest imagination of the best architects in the world.

When you step out on your patio among all the green and beautiful plants you’re immediately at peace as it was intended. So how can you best make use of this beauty and enhance your life on a daily basis. All of the different colored petals and flowers are like individual therapy sessions if we allow them to do what they were designed to do. Don’t stop and not smell the flowers. That is why they are there. The beautiful fragrances and appearances of them are a definite design.

It is possible to have beauty even if all you own is a small terrace or patio. You can easily plant all kinds of varieties of plants and vegetables in pots and containers and have a wonderful thriving garden next to your door or window. All you need is sunshine, soil and water. One of the things it’s very easy to grow are tomatoes. They’re not difficult, they’re not expensive and they are readily available. You need to make sure that you’re the first one there when they ripen and turn the beautiful reds and oranges that the healthy tomato will become. The birds take notice of this and will be there in a heartbeat as soon as they are ready to eat. We have lost many crops of tomatoes to these pests who are often faster than we are. So as soon as those first plump red tomatoes start to appear you may want to take precautions to keep the birds away.


Some Easy Plants To Grow:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Roses
  • Daffodils
  • Herbs
  • Most Flowers

All of the materials needed are not expensive. Pots can be found at garage sales and on sale at the local grocery store. Dirt is readily available and good soil can be bought to augment the dirt that you may find in a field nearby. If you’re on a budget you can still enjoy the beautiful flowers and vegetables that can be grown in the pots. It’s important to make sure that the container or the pot is of the right size. Bigger is typically better because it gives more room for roots to explore and grow and send out fine filaments. This will create a more healthy flower or plant as well as better tasting and plumper vegetables.flower pictures

You can even go completely organic with your soils and fertilizers and enjoy extremely healthy vegetables that rival anything you could buy at the local Health Market. You will know exactly what has gone into your plants, flowers and vegetables because you are the one that fertilized them and did it. When it comes to using fertilizers make sure you get those order of high nitrogen content. That is really the basic fertilizer needed for most plants. When it rains the falling water drops absorb nitrogen from the air and that is why rain water is so good for your plants. As a matter of fact, if it’s raining or drizzling it’s a good idea to put your plants out where they can absorb this water as it falls. It’s the best water available for your plants.

To have beautiful flowers. You don’t want to over water or underwater because that can damage the plant. It’s pretty obvious when it starts to happen, the tips of the leaves will turn brown if there’s too little water and the whole plant may start to yellow if there’s too much water. So don’t be afraid to stick your fingers into the dirt to see it what the moisture content really is. You will know fairly quickly and easily if it’s dry, damp or wet. If it’s dry then add water if it’s damp maybe let it go a day or so if it’s wet you need to let it dry out because you might cause root rot. Most plants are not designed to exist in a sludgy mess of mud. They need oxygen to survive and they will not thrive if their roots are completely surrounded by water as they are not designed to exist in that type of an environment.

Keep Them Happy and Healthy – And You Also

simple daisy photoBack to the topic of fertilizers: as your plants mature and as your vegetables write them you may need to reduce fertilizers that I have high nitrogen content. For instance when a tomato plant starts to flower it might be better to use high phosphorus and high potassium fertilizers versus high nitrogen fertilizers. So keep an eye on your plants and enjoy the ride because it is beautiful to watch them grow and thrive.