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Nature Infused Imagery

Birds as Pets

cat stalking

When nature developed a diversity of house hold pets, it made its own guidelines for hunters. Troubles arise only when the most smart and cunning elements of nature or human beings put their opinions in the working ways of the long lasting natural procedures. Even though it may sound odd, our friends at E&J Appliance Service Company have seen many birds get attacked by other pets like dogs or cats. Being similar to these, it is easy to see how they have seen these things on a regular basis.

Cats or Dogs – Which Eat More Birds?

One of the similar and possibly bad scenarios develops when you choose to keep multiple and totally different types of pets together. Not always the best idea because birds such as parrots are purchased usually not to live with pet dogs and cats since they may eat the bird. You might have utilized all the pet raising tips and tricks to try and turn your furry housemates to be gentle in nature, but the mere sight of prey could turn them into stealthy and effective hunters of you new bird. And this is to a very real and possible extent that they could end up killing and eating your sweet, new and lovely pet bird. It is extremely likely that you might have viewed cartoon movies in your younger days about this. The one most people know and loved was in that cartoon where Sylvester always coveted and attacked  Tweety Bird. Though he could never ever achieve his evil and hungry intents, the reality in your home could be completely opposite Sylvester’s.

At the very first instance when your animal,  and it is most probably the felines,  would come up and want the juicy flesh of the new bird that might satisfy their full or empty tummy. But, how do you tell or even notice such ideas in your pets instincts? Well, you could see if the home conditions such as the attention of your animal is definitely stuck on the bird’s cage. The mouth of the cat can be open or could be closed but their eyes are focused clearly on the bird.  You can tell if their ears are erect and the tail too would usually be quite stiff. When your family friend and forever cat tends to focus rather excessively on your beautiful new family pet bird, it suggests you need a lot of caution to be exercised.

The cats predatory actions could easily happen practically in a wink of an eye it seems. However you must realize the cats the prior actions are profoundly determined and calculated because it is in their nature to do this. These are definitely warning signals for you you to easily see prior to the pets attack plans. Even if you have connected your dog securely to something with a rope or leash, it will definitely try hard to break loose by pulling its leash or barking continually. Feline friends are obviously not kept leashed or caged and hence they have the easy and better opportunities of attacking your family birds.

Training Pets To Leave Birds Alone Is Easy

If you find any such condition among the furry and feather friends in your home , you can help train your predatory pets with skillful directions and encouragements. The existing pets might likewise be provided bits of treats as rewards to know that being in a friendly state of mind regarding the new arrivals is much more rewarding than attempting to attack the new and feeble birds with little defenses. You could probably elicit the advice of an animal behavior specialist if you are completely unable to control the frictions between your furry and new winged pets. The expert pet care might offer you the precise assistance toy need to come upon how you might turn their ongoing brawl to more of a friendly state of being together in the house long term.

If you have many existing dogs or cats as pets in your home it is a good idea prior to bringing a new bird in to their perceived territory. You might try to offer your existing pets some new and really interesting and good smelling toys in the shape of birds and observe how they respond to them. It is not often surprising that the existing pets might turn aggressive on the new toys.Now you have a much better idea it the existing pets will attack the new birds. You could now use this as a training opportunity to show them you don’t approve of them attacking the toys and this may help keep them from attacking the new bird.