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Nature Infused Imagery

Saturday Bird Pics For Weekend Joy

OK, so the weekend is here and it is time for some new bird photography to brighten the day. These are some spectacular examples of the bird family with vibrant colors and plumage not found everyday in all areas. As we know, many tropical birds are some of the most beautiful, but that is not always the case. There are species in the north and south latitudes that are equally spectacular! For instance, take a look at this wonder:


Unusual Colors Hummingbird


Hummingbirds Are Some Of The Most Vibrant

As you can clearly see this little guy is small in size but packs a large impact of beauty and grace. The great thing about hummingbirds is they are found all over the world. But, don’t be fooled by their size, they are some fierce little creatures. If they weighed a lot more they would be just plain dangerous. Watch them sometime, they are fierce defenders of the territory they live in and will fill hard to keep others away. They can be mean little guys toward other birds.¬†kingfisher

Finding beauty in the creation is a good thing to do on a daily basis. Just because we may live in a big city does not mean there are no things to observe and enjoy.¬†Even on our way to work we have the chance to see something beautiful everyday. It may be small and go unnoticed and let me look for it. But even in a city there is life all around us that is worth taking the time to watch. Maybe we only get to see pigeons and sparrows regularly, but even they have character and Pizzazz if we take the time to take a look. Being busy is a fact of life nowadays but, we still have a choice to look and see what’s around us. Some of my favorite birds are local to where I live because I’ve taken the time to watch them and see what their habits are. They each have personalities if we take the time to look long enough.

Trees and Flowers For Our Joy

But, it’s not just the animals in the birds that we have a chance to enjoy on a daily basis. There is so much Beauty and just looking at the local flowers and trees that are planted near us or growing wild in our particular area. These are definitely there for our enjoyment as well as our health and well-being. It doesn’t take much of our efforts to enjoy them if we only just take the time to do so.